From "The evolution of coaching":

"Today change has become the most dependable reality in our lives and in our world.  People and organizations around the globe live with continuous uncertainty, tentativeness.  Many have no long term plans. 

Given the new universe, where employment is 2-4 years per opportunity for many of us, we need to take control of our lives, long term planning and active agency over our choices and the forces we allow to affect us and change.  This is what coaching is.... " 1

Coaching is not therapy, which examines the events of the past and their impact on the present. Coaching is not not strategy or consulting - which focus on a directive future (as with teacher and pupil)

Coaching is about the present. Right now. Insight, Intentional action, evaluation. assessment.

Together we work as a team but YOU will take the actions

I offer clients a package of weekly sessions and unlimited email and phone calls. We can work in person in Los Angeles, San Francisco (or the broader Bay Area) or anywhere via phone or via videoconference.  I have clients around the world. I require an initial 90-day commitment to allow time to settle into our working relationship.



1 - "The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching: A Developmental Approach"- Pamela McLean